Commercial Hub
Commercial Hub@studentpavilion

UNIMAS Holdings Sdn. Bhd. manages the commercial  hub located at the Student Pavilion within UNIMAS  campus. This commercial hub consists of stores that  are rented out for enterprises. It also provide necessary  services such as a laundrette and ATMs.

Food Kiosk
Food Kiosk@studentpavilion
Another facility under the management of UNIMAS  Holdings Sdn. Bhd. is the food court located at the  Student Pavilion. The food court has small food &  drink shop-lots for rental. It is strategically placed and  a go-to place for staff and students.
Event Space
Event Space@studentpavilion
Within Student Pavilion, there is a multipurpose hall  suitable for events on campus. UNIMAS holdings  Sdn. Bhd. also provides rental of banquet chairs,  tablesa and audio-visual systems in the hall